Bahubali 2 - The Conclusion Review

Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion

Three hours of ultimate power-packed action, never seen before graphics, deafening war trumpets and new-found & unalterable respect for Bahubali. You would need a large tub of your favorite flavored popcorn and larger mugs of whichever beverage you prefer (Order some nachos or grilled sandwiches too, if you get exhausted easily) to sit through this legend, absorbing all the brilliance and magnificence Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion has to offer.

The question that has steadily grilled the minds for almost two years and became the plot of zillions memes and web trolls got finally answered today. By now, even my cellphone’s auto-correct suggests Katappa to come right after, every time I try to spell ‘why’. Without spilling any beans, I would like to tell you that all the memes that claimed to have the answer to this riddle are all rubbish and many of the wise people must have already guessed it. The question that “Why Katappa killed Bahubali?” remains of little substance before the legend of the legends himself, the Bahubali who if roars, shiver the mountains; he sends the evils to their destiny with his muscular arms which enclose strength of elephants and espionage of hawks. Bahubali, who puts his subjects above all the priorities is adored and revered just like God. Having a hint of mythological backgrounds like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion refrains you from questioning general logic because God can make tangible even the unimaginable and implausible.

The much-awaited sequel has broken all the boundaries of entertainment and is worth all the sleepless nights you have had because it’s way ahead and better than the first part. There are no loose ends in the script or the screenplay, you wouldn’t want to bat an eye in fear of missing something important that connects the story together. However, many scenes are unnecessarily stretched that could have been curtailed to maintain the crisp. But then, these scenes are backed by compelling fight sequence that will be enough if not adequate for you to bear with.

As it is about the flashback of Bahubali’s rise in the Mahishmati Kingdom, the movie is tucked with strong characters of his mother, wife, followers, and foes. The characters have performed their duties well, keeping the demand of drama from their portrayals in mind. Needless to say, Prabhas has shone throughout with unmatched vigor in act and aristocracy in nature. He has put in all he had as an actor and performer. He surely deserves many awards for his unforgettable enactment. You will see a more engaging side of Katappa than just an obedient servant which is delightful. Anushka Shetty is ever so graceful and epitome of beauty with brain and bravery. Tamannah as was guessed has a little appearance standing infuriated, ready to pounce on her enemies. The prominent roles of Shivgami Devi and Bhallal Dev are performed as strongly as they could be. There are high chances of this film’s addition as another mythology because it showcases exceptional gallantry of blue-blooded men and women equally and some unique war strategies that established Bahubali as an invincible name.

Since the start, from successfully getting a ticket in one of the houseful theaters till leaving the theater having an arrogance of experiencing the extraordinary at the earliest, you will be swelled with pride throughout. With the upbeat audience which is pouring in the theaters by leaps and bounds, it’s difficult to forecast the number of records, this movie is going to break with its success. Book your ticket asap, even if you have to ditch your friends to get the single available seat before the internet spoils the movie to thin pieces for you.





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