Bareilly Ki Barfi

Bareilly Ki Barfi: The Sweet Aroma Of Love & Life Wafting From The Narrow Streets Of Bareilly

Bareilly Ki Barfi: The Sweet Aroma Of Love & Life Wafting From The Narrow Streets Of Bareilly

Even in a country where the openness of thoughts and freedom of life is severely scarce for women, parents who give their daughters such an independent environment where they can be whatever they want can be found in cities as small as Bareilly. Bitti Mishra of Bareilly has grown in a similar family and is the only child of her parents. Defying the typical girly charm, Bitti has all the hobbies that are considered to be donned by boys in our society. Her father who owns a small sweet shop is extremely doting around Bitti; he never questions her freedom and is just like a friend for her. Both father and daughter even share a cigarette while laughing at the mother’s scoldings amid their daily activities.

Bitti, a beautiful young girl is truly desi at heart and keeps trying her hands in urbane things like break dance and Hollywood movies. She simply grabs attention with the swiftness of her manners and liberal attitude. Chirag Dubey is a young lad in the same locality who runs his father’s small printing press because he is another failure who couldn’t make it to an IIT or IIM as his parents always wished. This street dude falls in love with Bitti after being grief-driven post the breakup for years with his first love who ditched him for an arranged marriage and in whose wedding, Chirag ate and danced as a loyal neighbor. This love story is a triangle in which the girl falls in love with an anonymous guy who is posed by the actual boy in disguise. And it worsens, when the hero in spite of knowing that he is the real person the girl truly loves and impressed from, can not reveal the truth. The third arm of this love triangle Pritam Vidrohi is an extremely dorky and shy guy. He gets trapped in-between the secret love story of the lead couple. The street champ keeps using him to get the girl fall in love with himself so that he can make Pritam break girl’s heart in the end and become the hero himself.

The refreshing comedy that evokes loud laughter in the theater is the best part of the movie. The relatable gags and punchlines which any UP wala will be able to connect from the heart are written and performed with the finest skills and excellence. Though the newbies who have never taken up such different roles, Kriti Sanon and Ayushmann Khurrana succeeded in mutating in their respective roles with maximum honesty, acting of more seasoned Raj Kumar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi is irreplaceable. They don’t leave even the slightest hole in their performance that can be filled by the real need of character’s embodiment. Not to forget the character of Bitti’s mother played by Seema Bhargava who has filled this two-hour long film with life and laughter. Her style of speech and tone of dialogues are flawless and don’t seem worked upon even a bit.

Apart from the vocal expressions and dialogues that best present the true spirit of a small UP town, the visual details are equally delightful and amusing. This rom-com saga maintains a hook till the last until there are no puzzles left to confuse the audience and the lead girl and the boy have to unite confessing their love for each other. When the entire world is gaga showcasing the love and emotions over social media platforms, a romantic story filled with innocence and street charm with sans any high ambitions is new and refreshing; and also reminds you that when you are swooning over the love stories of metro cities and live-in culture, there also exist love tales that flourish in roadside tea stalls and live for just a single sighting on roads.


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