Baywatch Movie Review

Baywatch Movie Review

Not For Priyanka Chopra, Watch It For A Light Fun Ride

Baywatch brings a nostalgia because there is another place where we have watched and heard about this a lot. Can’t remember? Weren’t Joey and Chandler mad after it? Yes, this was the show after “Days Of Our Lives” which drove them crazy and they used to sit for hours watching steamy hot lifeguards at the Bay doing nothing else than just running in slo-mo which was the main inspiration for both Joey and Chandler. Coming back to the movie, it is a film version of the same TV show which after being failed initially gained a huge acclamation. And for the movie version of Baywatch, for us – Indians, the driving force was PeeCee who is found her second home in America since when she signed the drama thriller Quantico in 2015. She has got an invisible crown of ‘most popular Indian actor in West’ for getting back to back offers like no actor got before. She is also taking so much pride in being part of so many global events and red carpet parties that witness world-famous international celebrities in big traffic. This all got us almost convinced that we have one of our favorite stars as a significant part of the western cinema but is the reality what we think it is?

So, to disappoint you, the trend isn’t left behind when there is a huge noise whenever an Indian actor is offered a role in Hollywood but in reality, we have to play a game of pause-and-play to spot our star in the flick. We played the same game to spot Priyanka’s appearance when the first trailer was launched. Fortunately, in the movie, she has a longer running time; how longer? – No less than whole ten minutes. Yes! I don’t understand if this is about making a fool of our celebrities or they just can’t handle handing over an equal part to an Indian artist as their own actors. While each cast gets a proper introduction, our PeeCee gets only a peek-a-boo as the first appearance. She probably gets to utter 10-15 dialogues in the whole movie, out of which 4 have “already” in common. Her character Victoria Leeds is though talked about for the villainous role of a drug dealer she is. But is it enough or justify the furor it has created in the nation? Disappointment is the word!

The movie otherwise is about mighty Dwayne Douglas Johnson – The Rock and Zac Efron. This movie seems like a single episode from a whole TV series where the audience hopes that the imbalanced storyline is going to get better in coming episodes. But alas, there are not any further episodes, this is all what you get. The movie which was probably anticipated to be utterly sensational and breezy lacks the sensitivity that it needed the most essentially. It is not a complete disaster either, the comic part is enjoyable and elicits fun without forcing. It also quite successfully delivers the loyal and dutiful emotions of all the lifeguards for their duty of Baywatch. If you look for shortcomings in star cast, you will find none. It is just that a bit more drama, action and substantial content would have made it much different – a good different! It is otherwise a light fun ride you can totally afford to take.




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