Did You Notice The Uncanny Resemblance Between These Songs Of Bajirao Mastani & Padmaavat Yet


So much drama, so many events and huge developments in the case of ‘Padmavati’ the movie, no sorry, ‘Padmaavat’. SLB and the lead actors are definitely going to remember their venture of ‘Padmaavat’ for the rest of their lives. Funnily enough, this controversial flick has been able to show many mirrors to our society so far whether it is the incredible bigotry of particular communities or the reality of democracy in our country. Although it has finally got an official release date just for the sake of it, the morbid threats and objection to a flawless release are still unstoppable. While the cast and crew must feel violated with the entire row of controversies that have clouded this film since the first day of the shoot, it has also come up as a big eye-opener for so many different reasons.

The movie might still not be screened in many states owing to hazardous threats by Karni Sena, and many of you might not be able to watch it before weeks or even months. Deprived of the ultimate grandeur on screen, we can manage with the splendid songs till we get to enjoy the movie. Because, the dramatic looks of actors, stupendous shoot locations, and just extraordinary visuals are sure to get our hearts struck with amazement. Apart from a brief trailer and teasers, the significant glimpse that we have got to catch up is the spectacular songs including the most talked number ‘Ghoomar’. You must have gawked at the colossal backdrops and striking outfits and jewelry, but you must surely have missed an interesting detail that integrates the Ghoomar song with the Deewani Mastani number from Bajirao Mastani that released back in 2015. Could you put your finger on it yet?


In ‘Deewani Mastani’, Mastani (Deepika), the love interest of Bajirao (Ranveer) whom he marries in spite of having a wife, Kashibai (Priyanka) is dancing in front of her husband while his first wife is present there. You must surely have spotted it because there is exactly a counter situation in ‘Ghoomar’, where Rani Padmavati is dancing in front of her husband while his first wife Nagmati (Anupriya Goenka) is present there as we can see in the video. While the resemblance is uncanny and cannot be denied, in the screenplay of the songs showing the jealousy of the first wives and a rebellion yet a disguised harmonious look in the second woman’s eyes is conspicuously common. Interestingly enough, Deepika is the common factor between both the songs and is the second wife of the ruler. Isn’t that intriguing?




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