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Game of Thrones Fanatic? Read!


Game Of Thrones: Why Has It Taken The Whole World To Storm, why? No, Why?

The love for quality TV content is in furore these days. But claiming a TV series to be a religion is something we really need to talk about ASAP. Before some time, at many occasions while being with my friends or just lurking on social media, it happened to me that I felt embarrassed and totally out of place. It seemed I was just born yesterday and didn’t have a clue about what was happening in the world. I was devastated from within for being judged every time I said “No, I haven’t yet.” I was compelled to constantly question my conscience. Questions like “What did go wrong? “Why am I so unfit for the society and social gatherings all of a sudden?” started reverberating in my mind day in, day out. I felt so inferior at a point that I finally decided to fight this problem and find a solution at my own.

Yes, I was among those people who had not watched the iconic and extraordinary TV creation of great human GRRM (Google the legend, you fool! Don’t commit a sin by asking it in open), Game Of Thrones. I decided to forget everything and started binge-watching the legendary show gearing up with a bowl of snacks in hands and quirky headphones on. And, since then my world changed forever. I experienced the most talked up show (which is a universe in itself) and found the missing part of my life.

The masterpiece which we call Game Of Thrones is so exclusive that I have never seen anything like it before. While watching it, every other second there was something so boisterous onscreen that my eyeballs just popped out and I had to put them back. Whenever I fell in love with a character and fancied how would that character be in real life, he or she would be thrashed to death just like an insect. While I am still having a hard time to believe the existence of ghosts in real life, through this show, I came to know about Giants (with no brains but powerful like Hulk), White Walkers (distant cousins of vampires), Stonemen (living and contagious men of stone), The Children (the most primitive humans who never grew old), Thenns (eat humans) and most dominantly the Dragons and what not.

GoT is certainly a religion that sings glorious songs of thousands of warriors and brave ladies. Each individual would just kill and die to protect the dignity of his house, he would do anything to keep away his sigil from stains of defeat. Men were men, even birds performed their duties as Ravens, risking their lives. Like Hindus have total thirty three crores Gods, the world comprising of seven kingdoms swear by the ‘old Gods and the new’ for everything. There is a great wall that is far greater than The Wall Of China, those who swear to protect it, serve it life long as ‘Brothers of Night’s Watch’, alternatively called as “Crows”. I learned a life lesson that if you are courageous and never fear anything, you can even be brought back from death by Gods of fire, so never fear death, just be brave.

It is GoT that has taught me to wear my weaknesses like an armor (hail Tyrion Lannister). Hail Game Of Thrones!

Now I feel so relieved and walk with pride because I’m no more an ignorant person and have watched the most epic show ever. Now when I get to meet someone who is as lamentably naive about GoT as I used to be, it reminds me of my old days and I just walk away smirking.

White Walkers: Nobody knows till now, they are something to do with “Winter Is Coming”
Stonemen: They are contagiously strange men, they will touch you and you will also turn into one of them.
The Children: One and only species that doesn’t fear White Walkers
Thenns: Humongous men who eat only human flesh
Ravens: A version of pigeons who worked in Post Office and delivered letters in old time. (Like in “Kabootar Ja Ja”)


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