The Familiar Hook Of Game Of Thrones Is Back With The Second Episode


So kids, what is that makes you fall for GOT this hard and boast about it on the roads oh sorry on Facebook? Be shameless and answer frankly. Yes, it is the gory scenes when people are cooked into the pies and heads are adorned on spikes. It is that nail-biting thrill that rushes all over your body when you half cover your face to prepare yourself for the mutilation of your loved characters. And ahan, it is that too when you blush hot red and wish to disappear at once when the nudity and physical intimacy like never seen before comes on screen. However you disdain the grotesque details as monstrous as skinning of animals and humans or humans eating humans cutting them open in bits (remember Thenns?), these are also the hooks that make us remain dead loyal to the legen-wait-for-it-dary TV creation. 

Everyone has a different style of gearing themselves up for the next season during that year long gap. In fact, it is always the hindsight that makes the TV show as mammoth as it is in the whole world. The airing session lasts hardly for two or close to three months, but the crazy theories and countless articles on alluded references throughout the year don’t let the frenzy die down and make the life of non-watchers a living hell.

So, after so many days and nights spent in waiting and wrapping head around never ending fan theories, 17th July finally came with the opening episode of the seventh season. Always the first episode feels so rewarding and a treat in itself that we are lost in the grandeur of it and expects no more than what is offered before us. We watched the first episode holding our breath, smirked at Arya butchering the entire house Fray, despised the poop montage and smiled (Well I laughed) at the cameo of Ed Sheeran. We also caught a blink appearance of our beloved Khaleesi in the ending scene. But it was the only second episode when we realized what was missing in the first one.

All that lacked in the most anticipated episode that aired on 17th July was accomplished with the second episode. It felt like a storm of fresh breeze and adrenaline at once. It got us all at the edge when the wolves readied themselves to pounce at Arya. We feared whether it was the end of Arya’s lifespan who defines one man army in such a pathetic way because you know, you can never guess how and when of a character’s death here. Or when Jon stepped on the saddle to march towards dragonstone leaving the North behind in the hands of Sansa, we shuddered whether it was again an onset of a destruction for North. And the scene when much looked upon couple of Grey Worm and Missandei which is the only hope of pure and harmless love right now consummated their relationship, we couldn’t control our happiness and stop blushing.

And my God the finishing sequence! Just when our eye lit up in anticipation of a hot kiss scene between Yara and Ellaria, the audacious Euron Greyjoy’s army swarmed in like a storm out of nowhere and in a matter of moments before we could get a hint the peasants were being butchered including those valor dolls of Dorne who always swerve like a sharp sword. So sad! When Euron got the hold of Yara’s neck and called out Theon, we almost expected to make a bravely move and transform his image, but alas again! So, this is clear Euron is going to take Yara with few others as a gift to Cersei. With this episode mark on the meter of uncertainty has again gone high with Cersei getting strong gradually with newly developed weapons. So, it is surely gonna keep our radars super active and give us some more sleepless nights. Happy waiting and nail-biting.


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