Hindi Medium – A Serious Lesson Through A Funny Tale

I am never going to get my kids admitted to any modern school because I got to see the appalling condition of education system through the clearest lens with this movie. The horrifying competition of class and status symbol in society is paralyzing and no more on the sly; it is everywhere. But the biggest competition is of the language which has become the highest class in the world. You will be looked down if you are quipping in Hindi even if you are donning your finest suits, but you will see affinity and a sense of respect in other’s eyes if you are wearing rags but touting in English. These days, kids are fed, bathed and wrapped English even before they are out of their mother’s womb because FOMO you know. Fear of missing out in the society where speaking English is everything but we still couldn’t understand how to respect elders and women even with the finest accent of language.

Flaunting your status is at its best when you can do it in front of the less privileged ones and this interpretation gave birth to the fad of talking in English with the rickshaw pullers and vegetable hawkers. Sadly, I have also become a part of this parade but I don’t do it with the street vendors but boast my tongue at the more sophisticated places like McD and PVR counters. Before this article turns into a satirical speech let us go back to movie review.

The evident inspiration to book tickets for the movie on the very first day for most of the people was Irrfan Khan who can carry and has carried almost all his movies on his shoulders with his phenomenal acting. With Irrfan comes a brilliant script and superb storytelling. But what would you get from a blend of Irrfan Khan, Deepak Dobriyal (our very own Puppi bhaiya), Saba Qamar (much celebrated in Pakistani cinema), old Delhi’s classic charm and original desi dialogues? Smooth and unlimited entertainment is the answer. Opening with Mallika Dua is cherry on the cake, from here acceleration gets only high and movie takes you on a laughter spree till the end. But laughing is not the only the thing you do, you cry too because you know actors like Deepak Dobriyal just cast a spell on you through the screen and trick you into any emotions they want.

Raj Batra who was born and spent all his life in an old part of the cosmopolitan city Delhi, has seen it all from pulling a rickshaw and working as a tailor in his initial years. Currently the owner of a fashion studio in Chandni Chowk where you will find ‘original copy’ of Manish Malhotra and Abu Jani’s couture, he proudly calls him a business tycoon of his area.

Raj is content with what he is and what he has; but Meeta his wife wants a bright future for her daughter and doesn’t ever wish the same humiliation for her in the high profile society in future which they faced being from Hindi medium schools and lower middle class families growing up. And their struggle to break into the upper-class society begins from here which is considered a sheer encroachment by the rich who think themselves as immediate descendants of the British and communicating in Hindi a contemptuous act. Then they get to know how the education system is just like profitable business for those who are conducting the most prominent institutes in the society.

The thing I was fearing since the very beginning was that when there is a film on a social issue, it is almost obvious that it will end with an eloquent speech by protagonist that will enthrall the audience and leave them spellbound. And this was no exception, all the swindlers and corrupt couldn’t do anything but to stop and listen to what the hero of the movie has to say and let him have the last laugh. My question from the script-writers is if there can be a better climax for movies like this for a refreshing change?

This is a laudable attempt to tell how we – the Indians are obsessed with a language and have made it a class. Bringing a substantial change is a far-fetched dream but this movie sure is a must-watch.

Hindi Medium Movie Review




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