Jagga Jasoos

Jagga Jasoos – Movie Review

The innocence of a kids’ comic, the spectacular natural landscapes that feel like a therapy for eyes and soul, the lucidly flowing story and the tickling music, Jagga Jasoos is just another Anurag Basu number. By saying that, I am not giving you a leverage to generalize this feature film. It is a bit different and has been experimented up by the talented director. It is a musical drama set on beautiful vistas of North East and West Bengal. The musical dramas are not new and common either. There are classical hits like The Sound Of The Music and Heer Raanjha and then there is also Mamma Mia which could not be taken well by the audience. Jagga is not a musical tale throughout, it contains general verbal conversations too at different points.

The style of storytelling by Anurag Basu which we are all familiar is melodious, the presence of Ranbir and his ability of gliding with an experimented character is a true delight. But what compels the film to star Katrina whose expressions are difficult to connote in the most basic emotions of crying and laughing is beyond common sense. To cover this up, there is a simple trick used in the film. Just give the audience a line, “Oh, she has studied in London! So, she gets the accent from there.” But what will explain the distorted facial curves and stable eyes during the all the scenes alike? Katrina’s face is a live example of the saying, “Change is the only constant.” The appearance of her cheeks and cheekbones keeps changing more frequently than her wardrobe collection.

The experimental dish could have been flawlessly delicious if it didn’t have wrong ingredients or had utilized them properly. Talented actors like Sayani Gupta are underused which is sad. The movie could do a lot better relying only on the shoulders of Jagga as he is a strong character with special features that makes him different from others. Jagga was born curious and always has a kick to solve things and cases around him whether it is as simple as who stole something in his hostel or as big as the staged murder of one of his school teachers posed as a suicide. Jagga was a lonely kid in a public hospital until a kind hearted man came into his life who taught him communicating in musical tone to overcome his stammering. The man was lonely too and adopted Jagga as his son. Although a clumsy fellow always accompanied by bad luck, the man has an aura of suspense. He leaves Jagga in a boarding school promising to come back soon but the communication discontinues soon and later Jagga goes on to search for his father only to discover that he is a detective and once intended to uncover the infamous Purulia Arms Drop in West Bengal.

Despite the fact, that Katrina’s character is additional, her role is woven very carefully. Any other actress having even a little interest in acting well could be a game changer. However, the animated sequences with high-energy escape scenes and confrontation with criminals became a bit overwhelming in the second half. We could say that the film was worth the wait without a hint of a doubt if it ran for a shorter duration and had a balanced cast. And yes, there is a special appearance in the film which will make you smile in the culminating scene. The movie ended on an open note which can be both an indication of a sequel or just an amusing scene given to the audience to cheer a little.

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