Lipstick Under My Burkha

The Light Is Inside Me, That You Can Never Blow Off

“औरतों के सपनो की खिड़कियों तक सिर्फ मर्दो की परछाइयां पहुँचती हैं” (Translation – The windows of women’s dreams and desires end up being shadowed by men.)

I am now accustomed to watching early shows of movies in nearly empty theaters, but today was different. The place was more bustling than usual. The crowd consisted mostly the girls, big groups of girls who came with their friends to watch the movie. Yes, the movie was “Lipstick Under My Burkha”. A movie that hurt many sentiments and made the environment frenetic inside the edifices of CBFC and made it to the headlines ever since was announced and showed its glimpse.

The movie has many international awards under its belt but failed to get released on time in its own country when we are enjoying movies like Half Girlfriend and Bank Chor. London Asian Film Festival (Best & Standout Performance), Glasgow International Film Festival (Audience Award Best Film) and Washington International Film Festival (Best International Feature) are to name a few. This speaks for itself where we need to work and focus our entire energy rather than criticizing meaningful content on the basis of morals.

The feature film is like a gust of fresh air. With the unquestionable performances of some of the most brilliant actresses Ratna Pathak and Konkona Sen Sharma who have set a distinct benchmark for themselves in the industry, it has an equally good plot and narration. The new comers or you can say the less known actresses Aahana Kumra and Plabita Borthakur are not less in terms of performances at any standards. Ratna Pathak is requested to take our bow for boldly performing scenes as forbidden and shamed as masturbation with great impeccability. You deserve way more established spot for yourself in this male-dominated industry.

Four women who live in a small city Bhopal of MP struggle to get their most natural desires of sex and freedom fulfilled. They deceive their watchers in different ways to enter a ground with open sky where their feet are free and wings are to fly. A young student with countless dreams, a housewife longing for the tender love of her husband, a middle-aged woman deprived of physical pleasures for years and a young woman yearning to stand on her own try to find different hacks to break the chains of morality and customs that stop them from doing this all.

The movie did its aspired job even before it was released in the cinema halls for the public. The job was to hurt the ego of the superior gender of society that has mounded over the years to become an unshakeable rock. A rock that crushes and has the freedom, smashed dreams and shattered desires of women under its base. The movie makes fun and takes a stand of black comedy against societal norms that favor the males in all their actions and rights without any biasness while impose a thousand limitations on women.

There is no happy or sad ending, this is just a small window that gives you a peek into a world where women have an open sky, fresh air and free land in smaller proportion than men.


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