Meri Pyaari Bindu Review

Meri Pyaari Bindu – A Whiff Of Fresh Air Or Headache

I, who love watching movies alone even with mushy-gushy couples either sides and never take my eyes off screen no matter how tedious the film be, found myself lost chatting on WhatsApp with friends at several moments; it was then sheer to me that something was horribly wrong with the movie. The flick which could easily be predicted as a relishable light dish with main ingredients as chaffy Parineeti and charming Ayushmann with sugariness of Kolkata in background and a glimpse of 80s’ antique India. But this expected whiff of fresh air was actually nothing but a headache.

Meri Pyaari Bindu is a story of two people who have a history, cross paths repeatedly but don’t end up together. Yes, finally Bollywood is proving that it can also get over happy endings and keep the hero and heroin at a parallel distance till the end. The one half believes in stability while the other half is like a butterfly who doesn’t like to linger on one garden. How close they get multiple times or how intensely their families wish them be one, they fall apart after coming the closest. They cannot blend to become one mixture but their chemistry is deep and creates magic whenever together.

Story was promising, cast exhilarating and locations nostalgic; then what was missing? The continuity! With a reassuring start, the movie leaves you with nothing but bland moments, irritating lengthy dialogues and not-go-good acting till the finish. And if you thought the music would save you, there is nothing beyond what you have seen in the trailers; so keeping high hopes for music is not recommended either. The only thing good this film could do is that it surely makes you nostalgic for few moments and compels you to realize how life goes on and waits for none that too at a lightning speed.




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