Movie Review: Mind Blowing, Hairraising And Nail Biting Is The Summation Of A Quiet Place

When I got back home from the movie last night, I got conscious before knocking at the door due to fear of making a noise and inviting the unwelcomed. Yes, that was the effect of ‘A Quiet Place’ that has been a talk of the town, especially in the entertainment town lately for being a very unusual thriller. Generally, a thriller or a horror movie raises the expectations to a very high level and then when you go to watch them you are not satisfied if not completely disappointed. But this one is different and leaves you stunned at the end.

The abandoned places are always a subject of immense curiosity and appeal to the unrestrained imaginations. In the film, a family inhabits a deserted place where making the slightest stir can invite the unthinkable and unspeakable. Besides conversing with each other in a normal sound, they must not even make the sound of their footsteps in order to survive. Their unlimited constraint of being as soundless as dead is the base of all the thrill and horror of the movie. It makes you shudder to your core during the moments of any strident sound so much so that you shriek even if someone in the theater makes a sound of an urgent sneeze. Although the film doesn’t want to answer your ‘whys’ and ‘hows’, there is not a single loose end that affects the storyline or the screenplay negatively.

While you will find your hands covering your mouth out of terror almost throughout the film, it is the last minutes when you wish for it to end ASAP. Not because it gets slow or something, in fact, because the suspense reaches a level when you find it hard to take any more.

The demeanor and the dialogues go hand in hand but when it comes only on the facial gestures, acting becomes way bigger a challenge. That’s why the cast should be given greater credits and applause here for their hard work and amazing acting. Everyone delivers a refined performance but the leads John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the soul of the entire spectacle. This is not only a must watch but unaffordable to miss if you always anticipate for a perfect thriller worth your time and money. 

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