Movie Review – The Nun: All for None?

I was so relieved seeing there are other people around in the theater even for the first show of the first day of release. I was assured that just like me, the aunty sitting beside me was also there alone to enjoy the movie. But suddenly, something clicked me. And I turned to ask her, “Is this show in Hindi?”. She said yes that was. Amid the confusion of a few minutes, I decided to stay back because I thought it can never be that bad. So my decision was right, the Hindi dubbing had added an extra fun element. Except for, whenever they were praying on screen, they used to start with “God” and end with “Ameen”. No issues, inclusion! Right!

With wet hair and shorts and an unbearable low temperature, I kept enduring for the sake of the thrill and the jerking moments that make you look through a corner of your eye. But for what? Only to be disappointed! There was only one such moment, no sorry, just two.


The movie is not only based on an archaic formula, it has absolutely nothing new that can make you think for a moment. People get matchboxes to light a lamp in the middle of nowhere. When a sound comes from the next room, people are attracted towards the jungle outside. Except for a justified climax, the movie doesn’t give you anything stimulating.

When it comes to The Conjuring, you don’t have to apply much guesswork with the reliable lessons you have learned so far from the previous installments. The crosses have to turn upside down. There will be a bunch of innocent people yet to explore life, but unfortunately one fine day, they get a call asking them to leave for a mission of exorcising a place that’s haunted like heck but some people still have to reside there. And that you can never guess why.

Just like that lesson of maths that you successfully crack line by line gives you a distinct satisfaction, a relieving feeling stays after getting whys and hows of the plot. That dots leading to end are all met by the time you get up and leave. Not sure, if that’s enough to go and spend your time and money, but that’s the thing. You will still go to experience it yourself. So go enjoy!



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