Pari: Not A Fairy Tale – The Devil Is Sure Out But Not To Scare


The story of most of the horror films – they seem funny halfway through the ride but haunt you in the nights when you are back home. This one also makes you laugh but is not scary at all. A layer of darkness on screen and scary audio effects on the most natural moments like opening of a door are the ultimate attempts to make it spooky overall. I would agree with Virat Kohli for only a part of his tweet in which he claims it to be Anushka’s best performance till date. She surely glides in the role of a miserable woman in the torture of a devil. But why is that, what does that devil want from her? Yup, that is to be found only after watching it. 

The trailer as it revealed nothing about the plot, was applauded by all to be different and a fresh change in the horror genre of Bollywood which has served only absurdness so far. The screamers in place of teasers were also a first of their kind. Anushka’s unrecognizable blood-soaked witch-like looks were also deceiving. But lemme say, there is still a long way to go for Bollywood to establish a decent horror genre that balances storyline, fear factor and climax altogether. You will come to the theater clueless about the story, but you will get it by the end. If it convinces you in any way, the film ends with a positive feeling.

If you are planning to watch it for those shrieking or jaw-dropping moments, there is absolutely none and so this is not a horror flick for you. It gives you authentic laughs till more than half of the ride and then indulges you to understand the basic storyline.

While we have already discussed how well Anushka has performed in what is her own production along with his brother for her production company Clean Slate Films. Now it’s turn to appreciate the other leading actors that are Rajat Kapoor who needs no introduction, Parambrata Chatterjee whom you have seen in Kahaani with Vidya Balan and Ritabhari Chakraborty who is a newcomer. They all have done so well in their respective roles that you wouldn’t like to compare.


So, the verdict is that if you are looking to get scared and spring on the edge of your seat, you can easily skip it. But if you are up for checking out how this much-anticipated horror which was believed to give a new direction to Indian horror has done on screen, you can go and watch it guilt-free. 

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