Snapchat Controversy

You Maybe Snapchat or Katy Perry, But You Won’t Be Spared

This is probably the worst time for any person to voice their thoughts or practise their beliefs in our society, be it a common man or a celebrated personality. And if you belong to the glamor industry or hold an important position in corporate world, it can cost you a lifetime derision which will become your worst nightmare of life. If one expresses the incoherence of his opinions with deeply rooted norms, instead of acknowledging the substance in it and addressing the flaws, we start patronizing him thoughtlessly. Amid the tumult of moral-policing and rebellious nationalism, the most recent victims of committing thoughtcrime are Evan Spiegel, Katy Perry and Sonu Nigam.

While bashing down our own countrymen is too mainstream now, let’s talk about the sins of these international public figures for a change. Katy Perry took part in a latest fad where people share pictures of a wincing face or an exuberated personality to personify their current mood. Katy Perry who has often shown her inclination towards Hindu culture, used a picture of Goddess Kali with a caption, “current mood”. It was moments before she got good lesson from Indians that she is the vilest to think of comparing herself with a Hindu Goddess. She was called names for slapping the religion directly through her post. Going a step further Evan Spiegel called India a poor country which actually is rich with contempt and censure.

While we can be sluggish in doing anything productive, but definitely are the first to rebuke on social media. But if it had been reverse, we could recognize that what Snapchat CEO Spiegel said was focused on facts and logic. He had the slightest intention of hurting the sentiments of Indians while concerning his business expansion. He made the comment during a board meeting with his management team while discussing business aspects in various countries. He did not come out in open to scorn India. He also tagged along Spain while talking about launching specific features in these countries, but did Spain went mad condemning his girlfriend to educate her boyfriend well? Or Spain got the real agenda behind calling it poor because it in fact has a wealthy economy? But instead of searching for facts, we got driven and took out the outburst with comments like:

“I’m unable 2 install @Snapchat Error Message:- You are living in a POOR country.#boycottsnapchat”

“Dear “Rich” @Snapchat, Good Bye from my “Poor” mobile. I love my country more than this app. #boycottsnapchat.”

“#boycottsnapchat now ur going to analyse how poor we are when we uninstall snapchat”

While some like following actually reckoned Spiegel’s comment to be a logical one but retorted their frustration for countless Snapchat filters:

“I’m with #BoycottSnapchat not because I condemn Spiegel’s accurate comment, but because I want to see less of those obnoxious dog filters.”

Instead of propagating this false meaning of nationalism, we can push our country towards more progressed and developed state by being more sensitive towards it. We can be the 7th largest economy in the world, but we still lie on the same ground on scale of malnutrition and per capita income as African countries. Whether Spiegel realized these factors or not, we actually are superficially rich and hollow on deepest layers. We need to fight grim problems of starvation, inadequate education, child labour and slavery.

Rather than berating at fiddling issues like finding eggs directed by Pokémon Go camera inside a temple, we can get inspired to contribute for country’s good by small efforts such as not littering on roads or damaging the public property. This is also a fact that those who are loyalest to express their loathe for a person or an action against nation are the most ignorant ones. Ignorant about our country and its rich and accepting culture. With credence in heart and reasoning in mind, we would be able to understand the meaning of the saying, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” And then only we can call ourselves real nationlists.


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