The Age Of Adaline

The time is all we are never tired of having. The more it is the more we yearn for it. We always crib if there was some more hours in a day, some more moments in an hour. We chase and chase. We do not want to stop and take a break. We are racing against time, want to defeat it, want to leave it behind. We want to win over it and want to teach it a lesson that we too have power. We are unstoppable. But why do we do this. What if there is copiousness of time, what if you stop ageing and the rest of the world gets growing with the time. What will you do? You are there, unaffected by the ravages of the time you stop growing, while the entire world is changing with the normal pace. The time is running in front of your eyes and everything, everyone is ripening but you are not. You want the time to run for you too, because you will left alone while your mortal mates will leave the world eventually. Yes, it is not the time we want to dwell more. It is the happiness we want to linger. It is our kin and clan and their love, we want to stay more for.

The same happens with Adaline. Time stops for her. She stops ageing, but the world doesn’t. She keeps watching everyone she has and love, ageing and leaving. A time comes when her own daughter is twice an age she was when the time took a halt for her when she met an accident and her body changed and became immune to time forever.

No wonder, she is a wonder for everybody who knows her. But it is not much of a problem as they die after spending their time in this world and Adaline has none who would suspect her existence. She cannot be veracious because the world will be busted and be after her to know the reason. This fear keeps her changing cities and professions, escaping from the people, situation; until one day she meets a guy, Ellis. A guy, who isn’t inquisitive about her flaws or past. He makes her feel to be from the same distinct world of Adaline. She starts feeling an end of the rampancy when she is with him. She wants to stop and tell the truth and put an end to this endless escaping.

But the time does it again, she finds herself amidst the same storm again when she meets Ellis’s father and the bygone days reappears before her vividly.  The story unfolds later and come to an end.

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