Udta Punjab – A Movie Review

Since the movie has released in theaters, every tongue is wagging about it whether it is worth the hype or not. Is it right to watch a movie with a mindset to judge it basis on the hype and controversy it had created? Let’s just treat it like any other movie and not excoriate this for the hullaballoo prior to its official release.
Being spectators of Bollywood movies, we always expect from a movie to fall into some defined categories. It should either be a light entertaining movie or we should walk out of the theater all stunned and startled. But this one will not give you a chance to declare your verdict of its genre easily. It will grill your deep emotions, make you scratch your nails with angst and you will cover your mouth with a fear that you are about to scream. It will make you laugh even amidst dark ominous scenes, yes it is that kind of a movie. You will watch it and leave the theater with a feeling that you just experienced a boisterous concussion, but it’s not quite visible. All the credit goes to the actors who really have shone like stars in the whole movie.
The film is a tale of four different characters. All their stories move forward parallelly, they are all fighting their own part of life issues. I couldn’t find a single glitch in the screenplay; however somewhere read, that the film lacks clarity and does not introduce characters properly. I don’t think there was a need of an elaborated background story, it conveys the message very well it targeted for, as it had more substantial a matter to bring into the light than dividing focus on little things. The central characters leave a heavy impact on your mind with intense emotions they carry with themselves.
Every character speaks for himself, we have seen same actors and are familiar with their talent but we have never seen them playing synonymous roles. Alia Bhatt goes beyond all the definitions for the true actor, she is in such a young age. We are lucky to have her in our plethora of actors in the industry. She performs like a seasoned artist having decades of experience in acting. I could not find flaws as she herself defines the character. Shahid Kapoor undergoes a complete transformation, you will not be able to recall that he is the same person we have seen in movies like Vivah. But that’s what a genuine actor’s quality, no? Kareena Kapoor has the same classic charm and lives her part seamlessly. Diljit Dosanjh, despite being a fresh face wins hearts with his innocence on the screen.
After watching the movie, I can understand why it hurt sentiments of many as it was too obscene and what not for them. About disgracefulness, there wasn’t a single scene where I felt shame out of vulgarity. It surely brings a dark and gloomy side of the society to light; how we as part of the system and system itself, keep ignoring social issues conveniently and making a profit out of it. Basically, this only is the scenario everywhere at present, isn’t it? But why was this called unacceptable? Simply, because it featured a recognized name and bared an infamous topic. Our faith in cinema will be alive until there are movies like Udta Punjab. It is a must watch for everyone who appreciates quality cinema.



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