Waiting (2016 Movie)

The Type Of Waiting We Never Talk About 

When we look through our car window at a gruesome accident scene or pass by a hospital and happen to see a patient in miserable condition, it could give us few restless moments, minutes or hours. But we can never estimate the pain of the people who are standing behind those hospital walls and are actually undergoing the anguish there. But there can be another side of the story. It can happen with you too at a moment when you are least bothered about anything like this.

All your aspirations, dreams and future plans that weave your loved ones too can come crashing down with a flick of second when the nature plots a horrendous episode without giving a slightest hint. What’s more shaking is that it could be you, however deep your belief, “Such things happen to other people” can be. The friend you texted yesterday evening or the figure who assured that you packed your tiffin before leaving the house could be on the deathbed hours later fighting for another breath. And all this could happen in a matter of a phone call.

It is not the patient who suffers, but the kins who are solely and emotionally dependent on his life. You cannot feel the void that pops up out of nowhere and you realize the voice that lives around you every time is nowhere to be heard now. Those ears are not there to listen to you, those warm palms aren’t there to cup your face, neither is that lively laughter nor that playful smile. In that unimaginable cluelessness, you panic, you shriek, you shudder repeatedly. Think about the degree of helplessness when you thoughtlessly make a call only to realize that the other phone is ringing lying in your own lap.

It’s the worst nightmare, when the person lying on hospital bed is your only support and backbone of your existence. No matter, how many promises you make of your impossible survival without a person who is inseparable from your life, when the thunder hits you, time teaches you how to go on. You learn to compromise, to cope, to breathe; but in stages. The sequence of those stages is denial, anger, depression and then acceptance. The bottom line is that your heart will accept it in the end partially if not completely. No matter how big the mishap is, life will go on in all its flow. The void will be there, but the debris of mundanity will sparsely fill it making it substantial enough for you to pass day and nights.

The movie shows the life battle of two different generations and the clash between their ways of handling the same conundrum. One values life in all its forms while the latter prefers a quality life rather than just passing the time. But they both learn varied perspectives of lives from each other. Two parallel stories about similar struggle are heart-wrenching, cheering and engaging at the same time.

Films like Waiting changes your thoughts about cinema and make you believe that movies are indeed a mirror of life. The subject which we have never really talked about is persuaded beautifully and like never before in this film; it won’t detangle from your mind quickly. The take-home lesson would be to live every moment with all your energy, don’t stop dreaming but also know that they can shatter too.”

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