‘Why Compromise With Your Dreams While You Can Aim To Have It All’ – Breaking The Glass Ceiling With Priyanka Chopra


As liberating as the topic, they chose an equally inspiring guest to deliver the annual lecture conducted by Penguin India, who has an internationally recognized persona. For me, the topic of discussion was a stronger force to drive me to the event than a chance to see and listen to the dazzling celeb from a close distance that was going to be there. After entering the auditorium and seating myself, my eyes were on the stage eagerly as I wanted to watch her right from stepping up the platform till her final departure. And there she came in an all magenta pantsuit, walking up with an utmost ease and confident at the same time. There was definitely something about her aura that just illuminated the entire set up instantly.


Taking over the stage, she tried to greet everyone who waved at her. As she began on the topic “Breaking the glass ceiling”, she left the audience spellbound with her speech that oozed only boldness, confidence and effortlessness throughout. According to her, she never aimed to break any records or glass ceilings, instead, she just broke all the hurdles that came on the way and became the Priyanka Chopra that she is today by trying to be the best version of herself. She also said that if a small town girl like her can come this far and achieve all her dreams, anyone can. Then she went on to quote 12 golden rules to become the success of your dreams and break all the glass ceilings that can be there, one by one. Here is the key to being a happy, confident and successful person just like PC in her own words to give you a jerk and inspire you to do a little more.

‘There is only one you’ Nobody else is gonna fight for you on your behalf. She said when she wanted to chase her dreams, she didn’t have a godfather or someone to hold the safety net for her. She realized this and fought for herself in achieving all that she dreamt of.

‘Grab the opportunities’ She admitted that opportunities don’t come to you every day, but whenever they come, just don’t let them go. Grab them, put into everything and don’t leave a chance to regret later. She said I am not one of those who are too conscious through a tough ride and don’t take risks, I would rather be the one to take on the shoes and take that rough ride skidding across the floor and then say, “Holy shit! That was a ride!”


‘There is nothing wrong with wanting to have it all’ She expressed that she never likes to be told what she can have and what she can’t. Quoting an example, she said, once she was invited to two major events to be held an impossible distance apart respectively at Berlin and Toronto with a gap of just three days. While everyone suggested her to choose only one event to be present at, she questioned them and asked why can’t she do both and eventually made it possible by traveling continuously interchanging a number of flights within that short span. She went on to jokingly say that she looked awesome at both the events. So, she urges everyone to not let anyone tell them what they can have and what is beyond their power.

‘Don’t compromise on your principles’ Priyanka is known to do things on her own terms. She has rejected many projects where she didn’t feel things right. She advised the same to youth that, “Don’t compromise on your self-respect on the way of making your dreams a reality.” She also added, “There is nothing great about being successful by mending your basic principles, the real success is when you achieve your dreams without having to change your real personality.”


‘Be fearless’ As per Priyanka, “Don’t hesitate from taking risks.” She added that she didn’t listen to people when they suggested playing a villainous role at early ages of your career could be risky. Because that time she wanted to take a risk and have a varied experience in acting. It is for her valiance, that she got to do challenging roles that gave her satisfaction. So, if your heart goes out for something and you believe in yourself, go for it.

‘Be with right people’ Being in such an industry where censure is equal in amount to the total support, PC admits that it is impossible to please everyone. No matter what you do or how hard you work, there will always be some people who will be unhappy. So, don’t surround yourself with too much negativity and be with people who wish good for you.

‘Never forget to give back’ Priyanka didn’t only tell how to become your best version, she also told you the right thing to do after you become such. She said, when you reach the spot where you are able enough to help people, don’t forget to give back. Don’t hesitate whenever you can work for the good of the human and the world whether it is only one tiny step. She herself is associated with UNICEF as the national ambassador.

And at the end, she told that there is nothing wrong with being flawed. The important thing is to remember where you came from and be humble throughout. With this empowering speech, she left everyone bound in her spell of powerful yet relatable personality that inspires many to become like her.




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