You Don’t Get To Watch A Movie As Beautiful As ‘Friends With Money’ Everyday

How often does it happen to you that you randomly pick something to watch without any hopes and it turns out to be really good? It happened to me when I randomly picked my phone and chose this movie to watch on Netflix. It turned out to be such a beautiful movie. The kind of movie you just want to absorb and not talk much about.

Life at its simplest and most original form, just the way it goes and unfolds with time. Four friends who have been friends together for long enough share an intimate bond. But they come from different lifestyles and amounts of wealth which makes a lot of difference all over. They aren’t pretentious when they are together but they are in their respective lives which is not doing any good for them. 

Jennifer Aniston is the one outstanding in it, it surely is her one of the best works. The role she excelled in it is totally opposite to her personality in Friends she is famous for. This movie is like a good book about life – subtle, natural and free-moving. Tells what you already know, nothing matters that appears on outside, life is what you actually are and feel and find your heart happy in. You can give it a watch without thinking much and not regret it at all.



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